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The cloud has had a transformational impact on businesses of all sizes – from small and midsized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises – and it is showing no signs of slowing down. SaaS is the ultimate level of abstraction. With SaaS, the entire application or service is delivered over the web through a browser and or via an API. In this service model, the consumer only needs to focus on administering users to the system.

SaaS is quite common for non-core competency type applications like customer relationship management (CRM), human resources applications, and financial and accounting applications.

Many companies are now going away from the legacy model of shipping software to clients or delivering software internally over the internal network to a SaaS model where the software is available 24 / 7 over the internet.

In this model, software is updated in one place and immediately available to end users as opposed to the old ship and upgrade method of the past. Overall, SaaS offers a lot of benefits all round that should work in the interests of both suppliers and users. While some enterprises might prefer to set up their own cloud management services and use orchestration between devices and sites to control their own data, for the majority of small businesses at least SaaS offers unrivalled opportunities that can help them develop, expand, and provide more value to both staff and customers. If you need help in defining a roadmap that can enable your ‘SaaS-ification’ transformation strategy, talk to us.

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