Dedicated Delivery Team

Besides leading-edge projects with an evolving scope, the Dedicated Development Team (DDT) approach is suitable for regular software development, redesign, replatforming and maintenance projects. We will conduct in-depth analysis to identify your business needs and translate them into technical requirements, define the scope of work, set up a dedicated developers team and gradually expand software feature set as your business grows. Tap into our cross-domain expertise to revamp your IT strategy!

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3 Steps to Engagement

We sign an NDA, process your request, select dedicated developers based on your requirements and appoint a skilled Accountable Executive (AE) — a person who will oversee the project on a day-to-day basis and ensure its objectives are met. Although Codacity provides infrastructure and administration for your project, you retain full control over its direction and milestones and are free to choose project management tools and prioritize tasks on the scope.

Depending on the project timeframe and requirements, the scope is broken down into iterations intended to produce software features or pieces of functionality; in case with Fixed Scope projects, a monthly workload is defined. To achieve 100% transparency, you are granted direct access to Codacity project tracking tools. You communicate with the AE, review deliverables and give feedback. Extra resources — including developers with domain-specific expertise — can be provided on demand.

The team’s efforts are billed according to a monthly workload (160 hrs pp). Furthermore, you can scale your team up or down based on the workload and task urgency. Needless to say, the software product will be covered by our exclusive warranty which ensures the solution will work as described in the specification; the IP rights and source code belong to you.

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