Design Development

Running Your Digital Business on PaaS

Microservices can be understood from two angles. First, the differential: teams that take a microservice design approach divide business solutions into distinct, full-stack business services owned by autonomous teams. Second, the integral: microservice-based applications weave multiple atomic microservices into holistic user experiences. Unfortunately, traditional application delivery models and traditional middleware infrastructure do not address microservice-specific […]


A Comment Is an Invitation for Refactoring

A comment is an apology for not choosing a clearer name, or a more reasonable set of parameters, or for the failure to use explanatory variables and explanatory functions. Apologies for making the code unmaintainable, apologies for not using well-known algorithms, apologies for writing ‘clever’ code, apologies for not having a good version control system, apologies […]


Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery and how It works

CI/CD is a set of methods that enables application developers to deliver code changes more frequently to customers using automation. Overview The acronym CI/CD refers to two separate concepts that are generally used together: continuous integration and continuous delivery. Continuous integration refers to an automation process that developers use to build, test, and merge application code […]


Pull request best practices

When an engineer proposes code changes to the codebase as part of their work and have code reviews in place, they create a pull request. This change consists of a description of the change and the actual changed files. For non-git based workflows, there are other names for this: diffs for Arcanist based workflows or just simply code reviews for […]


Readable Code

Good code needs to meet two key requirements. First, it should be correct: when executing, it should produce the result that is expected. Second, it should be easy to read for other developers. Coding is a social activity. Your code does not exist in a vacuum, just implementing a lone task. The code you write […]


Digital Disruption – What Is It and How Will It Impact Your Business?

Digital disruption is a disruption that is caused by emerging digital technologies and business models. These innovative new technologies and models can impact the value of existing products and services offered in the industry. Therefore, the term ‘disruption’ is used, as the emergence of these new digital products/services/businesses disrupts the current market and causes the need […]