Application Lifecycle Management

The rapidly growing market and changing customer expectations are pushing organisations to launch new products faster than ever before. The integration of software has become a critical component which brings in a set of complexities and challenges for organisations. The fluctuating market and stringent regulatory requirements further burden and delay the turn out process.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) brings sophisticated methods and processes for tracking and handling complexities of an application lifecycle. ALM solutions are all-in-one tools covering the whole history of a product lifecycle from the conceptual phase to planning, requirements analysis and elicitation, design, implementation, testing, deployment and retirement and all other product-related processes in between.

Your benefit
  • Keep up with the growing software and hardware complexity
  • Single source of truth
  • Seamless integration between various phases
  • End-to-End lifecycle traceability
  • Visualization though process enactment
  • Compliance to internal and external process and regulations
  • Risk & hazard Management
  • Comprehensive audit management
  • Enable collaboration between all roles
  • Deliver higher quality products, applications and systems, faster time to market

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